Push, Deploy, Scale

Push, Deploy, Scale

We'll do the rest

We'll do the rest

Everything included

Everything included

Don't pay for bandwidth, backups, and load balancers. Deploy in seconds from Git, work with unlimited team members at no additional cost, and instantly scale to millions of daily users. GPU Apps now supported

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Simple as a Git Push

Connect your Git repository, Qoddi creates your whole infrastructure, build and deploy your app in seconds

Predictable pricing at scale

Scale to up to 100 clones of your app, running behing a load balancer in a single click, all with pre-defined cost. Deploy and manage up to 1.6TB or RAM and 800 CPUs inside a single app.

Jamstack, Workers, Containers, APIs and more

Qoddi supports everything, from a single hosted JPG to a complex stack running thousands of apps with several languages

Qoddi Tier 1 Network

Deploy your apps near your users

We run mega clusters close to you and your users on a premium Tier 1 Network. Your apps can scale up to millions of users instantly. In 2023, Qoddi will deploy additional locations in Asia and South America.


Predictable, all inclusive pricing

  • Free to start, easy to scale
  • Don't pay for Bandwidth, backups and load balancers
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Unlimited build minutes
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Qoddi languages and runtimes

Works with all the tech you already use and love

Build your app using your favorite language or framework and ship it directly with Qoddi. Qoddi is also compatible with most of Heroku's buildpacks for increased compatiblity.

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Why companies large and small deploy with Qoddi


in minutes with Git push, Docker containers and unlimited build minutes


To infinity with unlimited bandwith and Premium network. Just increase the size or copies of your app and scale to millions of daily users.


Your environments with free SSL certificates, offline datastores and HIPAA compliant infrastructure.

Loved by developers all around the world

“Qoddi is the best alternative to Heroku I found (and I've tried everything). It's super easy to setup and manage, and scale easily. Thanks for your great work!”

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Freelance developer

“Qoddi simplified our development pipeline. The team feature saved us a lot of time and allow us to work faster, deploy faster while keeping our costs really down. It's a real no brainer!”

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Tech Lead, Fortune 500 company

“This is definitely the best deployment platform available right now. Setting up is ultra fast and the free tier is awesome! Qoddi has been phenomenal to try and test new products, side projects and even larger and complex deployments.”

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CTO, Tech Startup

Start free, scale when you need it

Get started with our free static site offer, scale later to millions of daily users as you need it!

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